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Risk Manager

Enterprise Risk Management will soon become the favourite thing you and your company will do.

As the Risk Manager you understand that getting every business unit to take ownership of their risks can be an overwhelming feat.

Typically, you end up taking responsibility of each business unit's risks and in some cases, certain project risks. You then need to magically guess items such as the level of risk and the controls that are currently in place. Or, you end up with dozens of individual spreadsheets which you need to decipher and merge into one corporate risk register.

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Wouldn't it be easier if each business unit could manage their own risks?

Where all risks are centrally located?

Where control measures can be monitored and reviewed?

Where analysis can be conducted at any time to determine where you should be spending your time and resources?

riskcloud.NET greatly simplifies the risk management process by providing you with world-class ISO 31000 compliant software to help you achieve all the above and more.

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